Property Options

Mausoleum Space

Currently available at Ascension Cemetery & Good Shepherd Cemetery. A mausoleum is a large building that provides above ground entombment. Crypts for casketed remains and Niches for cremation urns are available.

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Family Estates

Currently available at Ascension Cemetery & Good Shepherd Cemetery. Family Estates are private lawn crypt sanctuaries that can be designed to suit your family’s needs. Each estate includes a pillow block monument for memorialization or the family can choose from a variety of upright monuments. Our designers are also available to create a custom memorial.

Interment Space

In-Ground burial space is the most well known or common method of burial. Where traditional in-ground burial is available, all graves are double depth in order to accommodate 2 burials. The area is covered with grass and a flush granite or bronze memorial “headstone” is normally placed at the head of the plot.  The casket must be placed in an outer burial container or vault  to protect it against ground settlement.

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Lawn Crypt Space

Lawn Crypts are the perfect compromise between ground burial and mausoleums, allowing you to combine the beauty of nature with the mausoleum environment. Lawn Crypt interment is a mausoleum in the ground. They are double depth in order to accommodate 2 burials.

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Feature Columbarium Niche Space

These niche spaces can accommodate up to two urns each. The granite face plate can be inscribed for memorialization and in most cases, bronze emblems are available to further personalize each niche front if space permits.  Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Resurrected Christ, the Pieta, Christ welcoming little children, the Santo Nino, and Our Lady of La Vang are examples of some of the features that sit atop our columbariums.

Upright Monument Gardens

Available only at Good Shepherd Cemetery. Each space includes 4 in-ground plots and one traditional upright monument. A wide variety of monument designs to choose from is available or you may work with our designers to develop your own custom design.