General rules

The information contained in this brochure addresses many of the common questions posed by families and visitors to our catholic cemeteries. A full text of cemetery rules and regulations is available for you to view at the cemetery office.

Funeral flowers

Funeral flowers placed on graves following an interment will be left for a minimum of two days and then be discarded. If you want to keep any of the funeral decorations, please take them with you as you leave.

Grave decorations

Only fresh cut flowers are allowed and must be placed in a cemetery approved flower container. Artificial decorations such as the use of breakable standing vases, potted plants, balloons of any type, solar lights, statues, stones, pinwheels, small trees, etc., are strictly prohibited.

All flowers are removed every Thursday morning to permit tending to the maintenance of the grounds.

Any decorations not conforming to this policy will be promptly removed. The cemetery is a large open space with many visitors. Management is not responsible for items left in the cemetery and is in no way obligated to replace or pay for decorations that are moved, removed, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

The placing of American flags on graves will follow the prescribed practice of the national cemeteries. Flags will be permitted only during the weeks of memorial day and independence day.


In the interest of maintaining uniform beauty and fair compliance with the rules and regulations by all plotholders; the outlining of graves by digging trenches or use of rocks or other materials, planting of other types of grasses is not permitted. All planting and landscaping are restricted solely to the management for the purpose of extending equal consideration to all plotholders, for better maintenance and for the sale of safety.

Wall crypts & niches

Fresh cut or silk flowers are permitted for mausoleum crypts and niches. All other non-conforming items, faded fresh flowers, unsightly silk flowers, stickers, glass, floor placements, etc. Will be promptly removed.

Holiday decorations

Exceptions may apply at Easter and Christmas. A special holiday policy and schedule will be posted at the office and at the catholic cemeteries official website:

Management is not responsible for valuables left in vehicles or at the gravesite.


Pets must be kept in your vehicle. No pets are allowed to walk on cemetery turf or landscape. Assistance animals may be excepted.


  • Alcohol and illegal substances are prohibited.
  • No peddling or soliciting.
  • No food, picnicking, eating, canopies, barbecues, grills, tents, running, etc.
  • Use waste containers for trash or waste.
  • Recreational games and running are prohibited.


Memorial masses

A memorial mass is usually celebrated every Memorial Day and All Souls Day at 10:00 am at each of the cemeteries listed. These events are publicized throughout the county and the invitation to attend is extended to all.


Memorials or headstones are governed by specific regulations that are published under separate cover. Please inquire at the cemetery office.

Advance planning

Inquire in the office about cemetery and funeral prearrangements.

Warning: Keep valuables, packages, phones, purses, etc. Secure and out of sight in your personal vehicle.