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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is special about Catholic Cemeteries?

Since the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Church has always set aside ground that is blessed and consecrated by God for the specific purpose of providing Christians with a dignified and holy resting place. The sacred nature of cemeteries is directly related to the Church’s belief in the resurrection of the body. Our Catholic Cemeteries serve as reminders that we must all one day pass from this earthly life to a better one, because the Church teaches that death is not an end, but a beginning to eternal life.

Who can be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

Baptized Catholics may be buried in a Catholic cemetery. Likewise, non-Catholic spouses and other family members of Catholics may be buried in a Catholic Cemetery. A member of the clergy of the Church of the one being buried can certainly be invited to conduct burial services at the gravesite.

Do all cemeteries provide prayers for the deceased buried there?

Secular cemeteries may permit individual religious services at the time of the burial. A unique feature of Catholic cemeteries is that in addition to the gravesite services at burial, Mass is celebrated at all of our cemeteries on Memorial Day and All Souls Day. Our Bishops and priests closely associated with our Catholic Cemeteries are celebrants at these special Masses. All are invited to participate in these liturgies. Check with each Catholic Cemetery for a schedule of their special events.

What is Catholic Cremation?

If you are considering cremation, it is important to know what is involved and what your choices are. You will then be able to make a meaningful decision that is right for you and your family.

All four of your Catholic Cemeteries, owned and operated by the Diocese of Orange, offer the option of traditional ground burial or burial in pre-installed lawn crypts or placement in a niche structure called a “columbarium” constructed for that purpose. Please contact one of the four cemeteries and speak to a Family Service Counselor for answers to any specific questions. For a copy of brochure click here.