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Protection from Inflation.

Many Catholic families are concerned about the cost of inflation when it comes to funeral services. The cost of a funeral has exceeded the cost of inflation for the last several years, and this disturbing trend doesn’t seem to be easing. The Catholic Funeral Plan® was designed to eliminate this problem by protecting your family from the inevitable higher future funeral costs. In many cases, families have quickly received a refund of monies not spent for the funeral. Few funeral plans offer this benefit. You know where your funds are, you can make changes as necessary, and you know how your funds are growing.

Is my money safe with the Catholic Funeral Plan®?

Yes. Unlike other organizations that may be here today and gone tomorrow, you know exactly where your funds are and how much they are worth.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. There are many options available that can meet your budget.

How will my wishes be followed?

With the plan your final wishes will be recorded and they will be made available when the time arises. It is recommended that you review any special requests with your parish priest to determine what is best. Your family will have all of the information that they need to finalize the details of your funeral with the Mortuary. Your family will not need to worry about any of these decisions because you had taken the time to make your wishes known. You do not have to worry that you will not be provided the full liturgical options available from the Catholic Church, options that are as important to you as your faith itself.

What if I change my mind about my choices, or if I move?

You are in complete control of your funeral plans. Whether you decide to use a different Mortuary, or wish to change a scripture reading or hymn in the funeral liturgy, just contact us and we’ll make the necessary adjustments. It’s that easy.

Call us to help you start the process.