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Catholic Funeral Plan®

Home Planning for the Future Catholic Funeral Plan®

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Keeping consistent with your Catholic beliefs, it is important for family members to clearly record their wishes for a Catholic funeral service.

This entails several elements such as:

  • Which mortuary to use.
  • Where the Vigil will be held.
  • Prayers to be said at the Vigil, the Funeral Mass and the Committal Service.
  • Music, flowers, and where the person would like their final resting place to be.

This unique program was designed to ease the financial burden for families, and to make sure a person’s final wishes for their funeral are known and are guided by the pastoral care of the Church.

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A Faith Based Planning Alternative

The Catholic Funeral Plan® puts your mind at ease. The PLAN will assist your family so that your funeral plans will include all the essential liturgical elements to which you are entitled… and at an affordable cost. Your funeral will be handled the way you want, sparing your loved ones from making those difficult decisions at the time of your death. It’s the only sensible choice for Catholic families.

You Choose a Funeral Home

The Catholic Funeral Plan® respects your right of choice. So, no matter where you live, the Plan lets you select the funeral home of your choice. No restrictions, no prior Plan approval. The decision is yours and yours alone. Should you wish to change your decision or move out of the area, you can modify your decision at that time with no complications.

You Maintain Control

Unlike other funeral plans, you are in total control of your arrangements with the Catholic Funeral Plan®. You know where your funds are and how they are growing. Best of all, at the time of death, the funeral provider you choose will only be paid, if and when the services you’ve selected have been provided.

At Your Service

The Catholic Funeral Plan® has been serving Catholic Families for nearly 20 years. It is the only Pre-Planning program that is endorsed by the Catholic Diocese of Orange. Preserving your final wishes in a dignified and caring way is the intention of Catholic Funeral Plan. We understand first hand the duress families go through when a loved one dies, and the pressure families feel when trying to arrange a funeral the deceased person would have wanted – a funeral that incorporates their Catholic heritage. The Plan eliminates the questions and concerns family members face at this most difficult time.

Call toll-free 1-888-543-5020 to begin the process of pre-planning your Catholic Funeral today.