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Flower Decoration Policy

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Flower Decoration Policy

“According to the 2014 Funeral Directors and Flowers study by the American Floral Endowment’s Floral Marketing Research Fund, both bereaved families and funeral directors feel flowers and plants provide comfort during and after funerals. Nearly 70% of attendees at funeral services or visitations show interest in knowing the names of the flowers on display. Yet, less than 25% of families know what type of flowers they want for the service.”

Click here to learn more about the description of flowers and their symbolism as it relates to funerals and burials.


Funeral flowers placed on graves following an interment will be left for a minimum of two days. If you want to keep any of the funeral decorations, please take them with as you leave.


Generally, only fresh cut flowers are allowed to be placed and must be in a cemetery approved flower container available at the cemetery office. All flowers are removed every Thursday.

Any decorations not conforming to this policy are subject to being removed at any time. The cemetery is a large open space with many visitors. Management is not responsible for items left in the cemetery and is in no way obligated to replace or pay for decorations that are moved, removed, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

The placing of American Flags on graves will follow the prescribed practice of the National Cemeteries. Flags will be permitted only during the weeks of Memorial Day and Independence Day.


In the interest of maintaining uniform beauty and fair compliance with the Rules and Regulations by all plotholders; the outlining of graves by digging trenches or use of rocks or other materials, planting of other types of grasses is not permitted. All planting and landscaping are restricted solely to the Management for the purpose of extending equal consideration to all plotholders, for better maintenance and for the sake of safety


Exceptions may apply at Easter and Christmas. A special holiday policy and schedule will be posted at the office and online at this website.

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